See how Dwarf is producted!

We’d like to introduce the entire production process of Dwarf to you.

This is a dust-free workshop. We assemble dwarf here. In order to avoid polluting sensitive components and ensure the strictness of workers' operation, workers will change into work clothes before entering the workshop. In the dust-free workshop, all walls will be sealed to ensure that external dust will not enter.

1: After receiving all the parts, the entire Dwarf consists of more than 90 parts.So we must ensure that the workshop is dust-free and the temperature is stable


2:After wiping the lens with alcohol cotton, assemble the lens

3:Glue dispenser

4:In addition, in the process of lens assembly, in order to eliminate stray light and ensure contrast, we need to put melt blown cloth into the lens tube, and we need to apply light absorbing materials to lens tube. After the application, we need to wait for the drying and cleaning of the light absorbing material,the whole process takes about 4 ~ 5 hours

5:Assemble circuit board

6:Assemble the motor

7:Assemble the shell

8:Finally, we will test the performance of the Dwarf, package the the finished products and delivery the Dwarf to you!

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