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TinyScope Microscope Lens for Phone

TinyScope Microscope Lens for Phone

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  • [TINY, BUT POWERFUL]TINYSCOPE mobile microscope allows your mobile phone to magnify up to 400X. This super lightweight accessory turns your phone into a professional microscope.

  • [EXPERIMENT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE] TINYSCOPE doesn't need batteries, power cords, or USB cables, safer microscope for students and kids, easy to use and once you figure out how to mount it on your phone it works great. The light diffuser uses the flash on your phone to provide clear and uniform illumination for observing objects. The details of the objects are displayed in high definition using the full screen of your phone.

  • [WIDE APPLICATION] TINYSCOPE can be used everywhere! Use it for lab work, STEM applications, jewelry appraisal, health diagnosis, art investigation, outdoor exploration, etc. Imagine and enjoy the versatility of a genuine microscope when it becomes the size of your thumb.

  • [EASY TO SHARE] Explore the micro-world and share your findings with friends with a click. Take photos and videos with the app of everything you see. Share them with friends on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube...

  • [THE APP] Search and download "TINYSCOPE" in Google Play or Apple Store.??

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?YouTuber experience TinyScope

Followers shoot with TinyScope

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Other Videos were Taken by followers using TinyScope


Technical Parameter

?Usage Tips

1. Please watch the installation video at the bottom of this page before using it.

2. The lens is not water-proof, DO NOT GET IT WET! Keep the surface of your liquid observation slide clean and dry.

3. It's best to clean your phone lens with a cloth before sticking the TINYSCOPE to the camera. If any glue from the TINYSCOPE sticker gets stuck to the camera lens, it can easily be cleaned with a little rubbing alcohol and a tissue.

4. Disclaimer -TINYSCOPE works as a magnifying lens for your camera. This means that it relies on the quality and specifications of your phone camera to reach the highest ability, which we have found to be high-definition photos at a maximum of 400x magnification. Your experience may vary slightly.

5. 45-day satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy with the TINYSCOPE, we can provide you with a full refund.

Product Parameters

1. Weight: 42g
2. Material: plastic casing, glass lens
3. Dimension: 125 ?¨¢?80 ?¨¢ 2 mm
4. Android 4.2 or higher, IOS 8.0 or higher required

What's in the box

2. Carrying Case
3. 12 Spare Adhesive Stickers
4. 2 Random Slides
5. Lens Cloth
6. User Manual

Installation?Instruction Video for Tinyscope Microscope

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