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TinyScope Microscope Camera

TinyScope Microscope Camera

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portable microscope


[Microscope for Smartphone And ComputersTINYSCOPE CAM can help view, zoom and store microscopic images on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet instantly. WiFi box allows you to control Tinyscope CAM wirelessly and transmit images remotely.

[2 μm objects microscopy] The novel microscope camera can capture deep to 2 μm details and deliver HD pictures to digital devices with WiFi receiver and OTG capability. While zooming the objects to 30x - 400X magnification, the digital camera presents up to 3840x3104 pixel HD images through its flat field apochromatic micro lens.

[Fun APP communit] Viewing the high resolution pics on your phone and Mac thru connecting to the WiFiBox part, or taking live videos of chemical experiments/biological footprints activities (like sperm).
You can also send your photos and videos to the community to communicate with others.

[Functional lab instrument] Full scope observation. 4 LED lights inside, accompanied by the dark-field and bright-field illumination accessories, TinyScope makes it easy to see opaque and translucent little objects. 2pcs droppers and spare petri dishes with lids allow kids of 8-12/teens/biology fans to explore aquatic organisms or fun bio-chemical reactions.

[USB microscope equipment] Additional OTG adapters can be used on devices with Type-C/Micro-A interface. 4pcs random specimen slides attachment riches the kit as a cute entertainment tool for science hobbies, tasks, education and exploration.

[Mini microscope camera] Extremely Lightweight, portable and compact accessory.  it’s easy to do field work and observation, like plants/insects inspection. Put it in the pocket on the trip and discover a new world.


 YouTuber experience TinyScope


microscope for phone

Followers shoot with TinyScope

Customers use stacked image technology to process the images


We used TinyScope CAM to shoot videos



Wireless version supports all models

The USB version is compatible with most Android models

IPhone users must buy WiFi box

Incompatible Phone models: HONOR 6x;  OPPO A59m; OPPO  A5; OPPO  A8x; OPPO  A77t; Redmi 3; Redmi 5a; Redmi 6a; Redmi note4; VIVO Y3; VIVO Y5s; MOTO Qingyou.

The incompatible models that our company has tested on Android. More models are being tested. Models not in the list do not mean that they are compatible. Please check your phone model before buying. If you have any questions, please contact customer service. If your model is not compatible with the microscope camera, you can buy wifibox for wireless connection.

Focusing Range: 0-0.25mm

Interface: USB2.0

Power Supply: 5V USB DC


Packing List:

1. TinyScopeCAM*1

2. Biological Slide*4

3. Rubber Head Glass*4 (Pipette Dropper)

4. Liquid Sampler*4

5. USB to Type-C Adaptor*1(USB/Type-c data Cable)

6. Lens Cloth*4

7. Cloth Bag*1

8. User Manual*1



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